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Your Passionate Team

Team PQ

If one person with passion is truly better than 40 people without


what's possible with an entire team of passionate individuals.

The Business Case
for Passion

Effective Training

The first step toward effective training is to find out who your team members are and what they are passionate about.

From Inside Out

Businesses spend billions of dollars each year learning new techniques for motivating their employees. But typically, these motivational strategies rely on an external actor, such as a boss or manager, who tries to motivate employees from the outside. While people can be motivated by strong leaders, as long as this motivation comes from an external source it remains fragile, and, ultimately, unsustainable.

Passion, on the other hand, is an internal energy source. It is predicated on the desires of the individual. Unlike motivation, passion can only be cultivated, not managed. And the passion of the individual is far more powerful than any motivational technique. A passionate employee doesn’t abandon a project. On the contrary, they see their own desires and ambitions reflected in the quality of their work, and will dedicate every ounce of energy they have toward its success.


Corporate Wellbeing

Research shows that organizations with employees who are passionate about their work and their team consistently report higher profits, better productivity levels, and higher levels of customer satisfaction. On the flip side, they report far less absenteeism, lower turnover rates, and fewer work accidents, thefts, and quality defects.


Backed by Motivation Science

Finding your passions is a serious business!! Each team member has their own unique, individual set of passions that define their identity and motivate their actions. These internal drives can be codified according to a set of sixteen different criteria, resulting in billions of different possible combinations. Identifying and understanding the unique passion profiles of each team member requires thorough investigation and analysis. Our methodology and process are both based on the well-proven findings of the Reiss Motivation Profile. More than 15 years of research and testing have validated this system against the world’s largest sets of personality and psychological data.


This wealth of data gives TEAM PQ Clients the ability to provide industry-leading data-intelligence on personality profiles and behavioral analytics. Our clients have instant access to these resources through a dashboard application that allows leaders to visualize their team’s PQ from any angle they desire.

Job Satisfaction

By facilitating your team to find their passions, you can increase the level of business wellbeing at your organization and reach higher levels of employee engagement and performance.

Promote Diversity

Incorporate the diversity of skills and backgrounds present in a team and direct them toward a common set of goals.

Higher ROI

Companies that can inspire passion in their employees increase their businesses’ value significantly compared to competitors.

Quality Productivity

Employees who experience a sense of purpose in their work  report far less absenteeism, lower turnover rates, and fewer work accidents, thefts, and quality defects.

Manage Team Wellbeing

Increase and improve team member interactions and develop stronger professional relationships by understanding each others unique passions.

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Products & Services




Individual PQ test

PQ Report



PQ test for entire team

2-Hour Team Workshop


1-1 Coaching

Group Coaching


Advisor Certification

10-Hour Online Course

16 Passions Overview

Advisor Certificate

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Advisor Certificate Plus

Master Coach Training

Master Coach Certificate


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Master Certificate Plus

Chief Passion Officer (CPO) Certification



PQ Identity

This is the best possible way to walk into your unlocked potential!
Value-based happiness is a sense that our lives have meaning and fulfill some larger purpose. It represents a spiritual source of satisfaction, stemming from our unique set of passions. Passion Quotient (PQ), backed by 15 years of research in human motivation and passion, is based on robust science. Let passion guide you in your decision-making process. It can habitually produce positive results.
Purpose Analyze, Spark & Strategize.


Team PQ

Our TEAM PQ Workshop will empower your team to find their individual passions and identify their collective team passions. This will change the way they look at their teammates, and they will interact with each other on a more profound level. TEAM PQ's Workshop and creates an environment that reminds us that we are not human doings, we are human beings. We incorporate the diversity of skills and backgrounds present in a team and direct them towards a common set of goals. 

You, the business leader, will receive 1-on-1 coaching and guidance all personalized to the unique passion sets of your company. Our service will also help every leader and team member to get on the same page which will massively increases productivity and business happiness. This has been proven to be impactful with long-lasting results. Whether a corporate company, non-profit, or athletic team, our TEAM PQ Workshop will allow all team members to see each other from their inner motivations, not their outward achievements.



Seeing your company culture transform is invaluable, but imagine if your personal life can be too. With a 1-hour coaching every quarter, our Coaching product will give you private access to a certified coach. Receive practical advice on how to unlock the passions within you and see yourself become who you were destined to be. Review data from your TEAM PQ and come up with strategies to ensure your business is moving in the right direction. Respond with clear direction and the confidence that you will see positive, tangible change in every aspect of your life.


Advisor Certification

Our 10-Hr Self-Study Certification provides high-level knowledge about the 16 Passions, the Quadrants, and how to debrief PQ Assessments.  Includes Individual PQ Assessment, PQ Report, and a PQ report debrief.


Master Certification

PQaire helps corporate teams cultivate passion among their members. By increasing their team’s Passion Quotient or PQ, managers can increase the level of business wellbeing at their company and reach higher levels of employee engagement and performance. Our new service, the Orange Leader Club, identifies your “team PQ,” or the collective passion of your team members, and focuses on helping managers make it a part of their team building strategy.



This course is only for those who are approved to be coaches-in-training to learn about the Passion Quotient. This course goes over the PQ Coaching Structure, explanations of all 16 passions, about PQ Dynamics, discusses textbook passion sets, how to prepare for a session, how to follow-up, and much more.

Wavy Abstract Background
Finding ME: 

What's Driving You?

Discover your TEAM's Motivation DNA

Be Fiercely You

Unveil Your TEAM's Unique PQ Profile

Know your TEAM's Diversity

Your TEAM's lead Passions

Your TEAM's Assisting Passions

Chief Passion Officer

Passionate Leaders

Leaders vs. Team

ME PQs - What makes us unique?

WE PQs - How do we build a team?

Building WE:

Be A Passionate Team

Happily and Effectively Together


How Do We Work Together? - PEAI Analysis

Are We There Yet? - Prime Readiness Analysis

Growing or Aging? - Procrastinating Risk Analysis

Managing Passions: PASS

Purpose: Team Passion Statement

Analyze Readiness for Passion Management

Spark & Strategize: Passion Canvas / Position Impact Assessment

Thriving Together: ION

Identify: Fishbone Process

Own: Sponsorship/Coaching Training Plan

Network: Stakeholders & Communication Plan

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