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The Problem in Business Today



Amount of money wasted every second by organizations around the world.



Lost revenue each year due to workforce inefficiency.



Percentage of employees who are engaged in the workplace.

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The Solution

Every business activity can be improved by leveraging Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. You can easily streamline your business processes to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. Your recruiting and HR management can also become more effective. 

One of the most interesting and challenging uses of Big Data analytics is to improve physical operations. For example, a combination of Big Data and A.I. can be incorporated into predictive maintenance planning to reduce costly repairs and downtime for critical equipment and systems.

PQaire uses Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to provide scientifically-proven consulting solutions helping businesses cut costs and increase profits by maximizing efficiency through improved teamwork and employee motivation.

Easy as A, B, C

PQaire ABC model.png
  • Simplification: Instead of using the traditional 1-1 coaching model of motivation science to analyze personal passions, AI will analyze enthusiasm and motivation in various fields.

  • Three-tiered ABC coaching analysis model to avoid wasting coaching resources.

    • From preliminary automatic AI analysis, to Big Data consultation, to in-depth executive coaching, to upgrades according to user needs, improving the breadth of motivation science users, and enhance the depth of motivation science.

  • The cloud network platform provides a one-stop user interface (computer, mobile phone, tablet), from evaluation to report analysis and user tracking. At the same time, users can log in to the platform to keep abreast of their passion at any time.

Learning PQ Enterprise Edition

Artificial Intelligence Analysis

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A successful business is all about finding the right people and doing the right thing.

  • According to statistics, business leaders spend about 40% of their time and energy in finding, training, and guiding their workforce.

  • Another statistic found that if the right employees are placed in the right positions, their output will be twice as high as the average.

Big Data Consultation

With just two hours of training, management can use the Big Data of Learning PQ for Business to understand the enthusiasm and motivation of employees in the workplace, put employees in the right place, use the right resources, train the right people, and find new talent in line with the company's development strategy. This significantly saves the manager's time, but also improves the efficiency of the whole team.

LPQ-B pie graph.png

PQ Executive Team Coaching

PQaire 2022 Conference 2.JPG

PQaire offers the only scientific analysis of personal enthusiasm and motivation with AI and Big Data applications.

Our complete coaching system uses a cloud platform to diagnose, analyze, track, and promote motivating factors that drive the workforce.

PQaire has 15 years of experience in scientific applications, from data clustering analysis to the creation of a unique product, PQ, and a patented “Passion Map". At the same time, it has a complete coach training program and certified courses. 

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