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PQaire's First Annual PQ Conference

June 15th, 2022

La Costa, Ca – PQaire staff and partner met this month in La Costa, California for the first annual PQ conference hosted by PQaire. The focus on the event was on training PQ partners about Team PQ and how to look at your 16 individual passions in life and align them to your life. Understanding your PQ will give you insight into how you operate, how your team and partners operate, and how to ignite your passions toward success. With 15 years of history, Team PQ has been making steady ground in business and organizations impacting lives for the better, but it was PQaire’s newest product that was the main focus on the conference.

This year’s invite-only conference included the official launching of PQaire’s newest product, Learning PQ. Learning PQ is a ground breaking educational assessment for people of all ages to help them discover their intrinsic motivations in life relative to their own individual learning style. The assessment, which comes with a detailed AI-generated report and optional coaching, is set to be the “next Q”, after IQ and EQ, with wide-ranging and positive impacts predicted for learners worldwide. Learning PQ dives deeper into individuals’ passions by identifying the 24 Learning Motivation DNA® each individual has, and the relative strength of each one. By understanding the power of your intrinsic motivations for learning, you can better plan, prepare, and execute on the best learning strategy for individuals from middle school through retirement.

The PQaire team of staff and partners met for a full day of experience PQaire’s flagship product known as Team PQ. Team PQ measures individual’s inner passions for life and aligns them with others in the same team to help foster and improve team cohesion, harmony, communication, diversity, and how best to find your ‘fit’ on the team. PQaire’s partners were able to experience firsthand the power of PQ for the first time and were simply blown away by the precision and insight that Team PQ gave them. A group of approximately thirty individuals who were virtual strangers came together in one Team PQ Coaching Session and walked out as close friends, understanding each other’s passions in life, where they fit on the PQ Team, and where they were headed in life.

PQaire is looking forward to next year’s conference with the launch of a new PQ product.

Interested in joining next year’s VIP conference? Contact us for more details.

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