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PQaire Launches Passion Lab with Tsing Hua University

07/29/2022 Taipei, Taiwan

PQaire has launched a new collaboration with the National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) in Taiwan this past month. NTHU will be the first major university outside the United States to begin research on PQaire's groundbreaking product Learning PQ.

The efforts of the NTHU Passion Lab will be to gather assessment data from university students in Taiwan, ranging from undergraduate to doctoral/Ph.D students, in order to compare their Learning Motivation DNA® with students from other universities in Taiwan, as well as with students from universities in the United States and elsewhere. By comparing the Learning Motivation DNA® from people of various demographics, the hope is to identify and analyze the key strengths and weaknesses of differing intrinsic motivations in students from a diversity of backgrounds.

The NTHU Department of Education Technology will be spearheading this effort with the desire to share information and participate with other university departments for the mutual benefit of academic research.

The PQaire PassionLab was piloted by Taiwanese students at the University of Southern California, with similar efforts being conducted at Princeton, Rutgers, and the University of California, San Diego.

While these efforts at researching the Learning Motivation DNA®, or intrinsic motivators, of university students from around the world are merely beginning, much academic research with myriad benefits to pedagogy are expected within the next few years. Some key questions considered are:

  • What are the similarities and differences in learning motivation that exist across cultures?

  • What are the primary driving factors in students' performance in the US and Asia?

  • How can teachers and students benefit from identifying and analyzing their learning passions?

We at PQaire are looking forward to seeing the results from these and many other research programs being conducted across the globe, adding to the past 20 years of motivation science from which the Passion Quotient (PQ) is based.

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