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PQaire to Host Several Live Workshops and Events in Taiwan

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Charles Wang, Co-Founder and CEO of PQaire has traveled to Taiwan this week in order to host several events relative to the Passion Quotient and its potential impact on businesses in Asia and beyond.

Charles will be hosting the events in several of Taiwan's top universities coinciding with the launch of PQaire's latest product, the Learning Passion Quotient for Business.

Learning PQ for Business takes the Passion Quotient to the next level. Learning PQ for Business is the most effective and accurate way to measure not just how people learn, but how they work with others in various types of roles and environments common to daily life and anticipated future circumstances. Learning PQ for Business utilizes a simple and interactive scenario-based assessment to unveil individuals' intrinisic motivations to see what really drives people from the inside.

Learning PQ for Business also incorporates a unique "Life Index" intended to measure employee wellness by considering factors like food & eating, physical activity, stress levels, and indicators of social acceptance and anxiety.

PQaire Co-Founder and CEO Charles Wang is in Taiwan this November and December to provide trainings and support to various universities and businesses in Taiwan.

Charles' first event will take place at the National Chengchi University's Education Development Center where he will present the growing trend of Motivation Science, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence analyses.

This will be the only event hosted online and we welcome anyone who wishes to attend and listen in to do so. The link is provided in the image on the right along with a QR code.

Please keep in mind the time is in Taipei Standard Time.

On Tuesday, November 22nd, Charles will host an invitation-only lecture on current and future trends of motivation science, big data, and AI in business in the United States and its impact on global society.

This event is intended to help attendees gauge the importance of new trends and how to be successful in the future as entrepreneurs.

On November 23 this Wednesday, Charles is invited to The 228 Memorial Foundation. He will lead the employees to experience Learning PQ for Business and share how to use the results after data analyses to understand employees as an individual and as a whole team.

Later in November, Charles Wang will host a workshop at the National Taipei University of Education's music department to discuss the future development of the Passion Quotient and its impact on society.

After more than a decade, the Passion Quotient is gaining credibility and acceptance as the "next Q" after the IQ and the EQ, complementing rather than replacing these previous indicators by adding intrinsic motivations, or passions, to the analyses of intellectual and emotional intelligence.

On Saturday, December 3rd, Charles Wang will visit the Kaohsiung Medical University to host a seminar on the impact of community interaction under the global digitization trend on young people.

Big Data is expected to play a major role in daily life in the near future, and Charles will discuss the part that big data will play, as well as its importance to the Passion Quotient.

Learning PQ and Learning PQ for Business both rely heavily on the use of big data to measure global passion trends amongst individuals and societies worldwide.

PQaire's last event will take place on Monday, December 5th at NCKU Innovation Headquarters at Taiwan's National Cheng Kung University.

This workshop, co-hosted by Charles Wang and PQaire's Vice President of International Marketing, Claire Yin, will discuss and guide participants to use the Passion Quotient to find out their own suitability for entrepreneurship in the new global market.

This workshop will show the full potential impact of Motivation Science, Big Data, and AI analysis in the future of business and entrepreneurship worldwide.

Look out for more events and news from PQaire as the Learning Passion Quotient grows across the globe.

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