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Passion Lab

PQaire's Innovative R&D Collaborations with University Institutions
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Global Passion Lab Partners


With Passion Quotient (PQ) motivation science as the core, PQaire conducts Passion Lab academic cooperation and international big data sharing with Taiwan's Tsinghua University, Chengchi University, Chenggong University, Kaohsiung Medical University and many international universities.

PQ Motivation Science Lab

National Tsing-Hua University


In 2022, PQaire will cooperate with teachers and students of the Department of Education and Learning Technology of National Tsing Hua University to establish a research and development laboratory. Passion Lab will co-organize seminars and publish research papers on STEAM/STEM technology education applications. In terms of entering the technology industry, PQaire jointly develops the Passion Quotient and cultivates Passion Quotient programs that combine corporate ESG strategies for continuous learning. Teacher training is also a primary focus, developing Passion Quotient-based courses at the university level. 

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