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Everybody has passion. No matter who you are or what you do in life, you have your own distinctive passions. But identifying these passions is not always a simple task, and often depends on mere chance to identify the things in life we’re most passionate about. Even then, deciding what we’re passionate about and learning how to take action on it is often highly subjective and dependent upon opinionated advice or particular circumstances – or to put it simply – luck.

We find ourselves seeking advice on what subjects to study in school, what colleges and college majors we should choose to focus on, and eventually this all leads to choosing a career path and even a family. But how do we know we’re heading in the right direction?

It turns out that we have different types of passions that power our motivations, and each of those passions influence certain areas of our lives and comes together to help guide, if not entirely determine, our futures. So, what are these passions, what are our motivations, and how do we work with them to direct the course of our lives? And more importantly, how can we know the impact of these passions on our lives outside of theories, opinions, and mere speculation?

What kind of tools can we use? And most critically, how do we find the passion that motivates our lives?


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Answering these questions has been the life’s work of the co-founders of PQaire, Ph.D graduates from Princeton University, and a team of educators and software developers who came together to form PQaire.

Working as a team, we have developed an assessment with ten scenarios build upon topics that gauge your interests to identify and unravel the passions that exist within each of us. This assessment reveals learning motivations based on our passions and interests.

By identifying these learning motivation factors, coupled with research from thirty year of scientific research, thousands of case studies, and utilizing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, PQaire has discovered that every person has 24 identifiable Learning Motivation Genes, or what we refer to as Learning Motivation DNA®.


Your Learning Motivation DNA® consists of an amalgamation of each of the 24 total motivation genes and the intensity of each that exists within you.

Your Learning Motivation DNA® is not about your skills or capabilities.


A person may be very good at math, for example, finding no difficulty in solving complex equations, yet at the same time may have a low intensity of passion or motivation in the Learning Motivation DNA® associated with math, and therefore may pursue studies and career related to this subject and live a life devoid of passion.

PQaire exists to help people find their passions and develop the skillsets necessary to live a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Motivation DNA®

Everyone has the same 24 Learning Motivation DNA®, but with varying degrees of intensity for each, and this is where the real power of motivation science comes into play. This is how you learn about yourself and unveil the uniqueness of your identity in how it related to your passions and motivations in life.


Learning Motivation DNA® can give you the confidence of your passions and their influence in your life, especially in your studies and career path.


There are specific Learning Motivation DNA® corresponding to professions, and PQaire also offers role models of various industries to help you relate your unique identity and future career path to others. Seeing examples of life stories of successful individuals can give you further motivation to pursue your passions. This can help to not just build confidence in your future, but also to introduce new career paths you have never thought possible.


There are specific Learning Motivation DNA® related to each type of career and industry, and by taking your Learning PQ Assessment, you will better identify and understand your Learning Motivation DNA®, and discover your future study plan and possible career path.


Unlike other types of assessments or tests, on PQaire’s Learning Motivation Assessment is backed by decades of research in motivation science and big data, and powered by Artificial Intelligence to provide you with an accurate and objective result.


PQaire will further provide you with a personal learning map related to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) subjects and careers with a clear and accurate picture of your future – backed by real science!

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