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​Founded in 2021, "PQaire" uses motivation science to help more people achieve happiness and success in life.

In 2001, Dr. Kung-Li Deng, a graduate from National Taiwan University, received a scholarship to study at Princeton University where he studied and researched motivational science. He further developed the field of motivational science into the Passion Quotient, or PQ, and with his team obtained a number of world patents and has applied these patented PQ tools to help tens of thousands of people over the past two decades. 

What makes the Passion Quotient, or PQ, different? Most personality tests divide people into a fixed number of between 4 and 16 categories. Although each has its own characteristics and has a certain reference, the variability of PQ is 5 to the 16th power, meaning there are more than 150 billion possibilities. It is analyzing people’s passion genes, like Dr. Kung-Li Deng said: "People are too accustomed to categorizing things. It is a matter of zoology to categorize. Don't be categorized. You are unique!"


We believe that "people with passions can change the world." Now, the change starts with you!

What We Do

Our Mission

PQaire's Passion Quotient (PQ) coaching can help you achieve a purposeful and successful life.

Our Vision

Turn "PQ" into an Universal Verb

"PQ" will become the next "Q" after "IQ" and "EQ".

People worldwide can realize a purposeful and successful life by knowing and using the Passion Quotient with PQaire.

Who We Are

Meet Our Team

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The PQ Godfather


Top Passion:


"I am a visionary leader with a coach & mentor’s heart to serve my generation."

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The PQaire Wildcard


Top Passion:


"I am a confident, powerful leader who invests time in people and transforms potential into purpose."

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The Network


Top Passion:


"I'm blessed to be able to serve others, inspiring and equipping them with the knowledge and training to do good in the world!"

jb cartoon funny.jpg

The PQ Scientist


Top Passion:


"I am a leader with a unique ability to empower the next generation of leaders."

jerry cartoon funny.jpg

The PQ Reagent


Top Passion:


"The one you can trust."

sue cartoon funny_edited.jpg

The PQ Educator


Top Passion:


"I believe this world is made up of individual superheroes who each have their own divine super-power.  When we discover that gift,  and unite together,  we can change the world.... one teachable moment at a time!"

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