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What We Do

Our Mission

Using Motivation Science, Big Data and AI to help people worldwide to know themselves and know others. PQaire's Passion Quotient (PQ) coaching can help you achieve a purposeful and successful life.

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Our Vision

Turn "PQ" into an Universal Verb

"PQ" will become the next "Q" after "IQ" and "EQ".

People worldwide can realize a purposeful and successful life by knowing and using the Passion Quotient with PQaire.

Who We Are

Meet Our Team

coach k cartoon funny.jpg

The PQ Godfather


Top Passion:


"I am a visionary leader with a coach & mentor’s heart to serve my generation."

charles cartoon funny.jpg

The Human Doer


Top Passion:


"Just get it done."

jason cartoon funny.jpg

The Network


Top Passion:


"I'm blessed to be able to serve others, inspiring and equipping them with the knowledge and training to do good in the world!"

jb cartoon funny.jpg

The PQ Scientist


Top Passion:


"I am a leader with a unique ability to empower the next generation of leaders."

joyce cartoon funny.jpg

The PQaire Wildcard


Top Passion:


"I am a confident, powerful leader who invests time in people and transforms potential into purpose."

mark cartoon funny.jpg

Chief Integration Officer


Top Passion:


"Leadership, Strategy, and Execution through the use of Proven, Practical, and Actionable Frameworks to Scale."

phillip cartoon funny.jpg

The Human Potential Extractor


Top Passion:


"I have a singular obsession to influence the influencers of this generation to reach their fullest potential, and in doing so I will reach mine."

ryan cartoon funny.jpg

The PQ Chief


Top Passion:


"I believe our passions drive us toward a higher purpose, to get things done, and know where to go."

lucas cartoon funny.jpg

SOP Super Ninja


Top Passion:


"The point guard who strives to connect all dots on the court."

forrest cartoon funny.jpg

The Passion Digitizer


Top Passion:


"Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Expert"

sue cartoon funny_edited.jpg

The PQ Educator


Top Passion:


"I believe this world is made up of individual superheroes who each have their own divine super-power.  When we discover that gift,  and unite together,  we can change the world.... one teachable moment at a time!"

jerry cartoon funny.jpg

The PQ Reagent


Top Passion:


"The one you can trust."

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